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League of Legends Teleport Bug That Reduces Cooldown May Ruin Worlds

Published: 23:09, 17 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Ornn Thunder Lord skin
League of Legends - Ornn teleporting and ulting from behind enemy lines will ruin any gank

Teleport is the most-used spell in League of Legends pro play, aside from flash, to win games. What happens then when a game-breaking bug affects it? Let's hope Riot fix it before it does.

In 2021, Riot Games  changed the Teleport Summoner Spell in League of Legends , nerfing its use before the 14-minute mark, by making it unable to teleport to anything other than allied structures.

This teleport, also called the Unleashed Teleport , was supposed to make professional games rely less on early game teleport plays, and extend the duration of the laning phase.

However, the truth of the matter is that even today teleport plays rule professional and even high elo SoloQ games. And now, there is a bug plaguing this important Summoner Spell.

The bug works once your teleport spell is on cooldown and then transforms over to the Unleashed Teleport Summoner Spell. At that moment, if you have any ability haste, it gets applied to the spell and lowers its cooldown again.

Riot Games Picture of Mordekaiser splash art in League fo Legends League of Legends - A single, well-placed, Mordekaiser teleport can ruin your game instantly

With this bug, your spell's cooldown could lower for over a minute. It is enough to catch high elo and professional players unaware, as they religiously keep track of enemy cooldowns that influence their decision-making.

Even though this bug can happen only once during a game, and be useful on a champion who builds ability haste early, all it takes is one dive bot lane at the inopportune time for the enemy team, while they think your teleport is on cooldown, for your team to get a triple kill, and for your bot lane to snowball the game in your favor.

We hope Riot Games fix this issue, before it ruins a professional game again, especially with Worlds coming up.

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