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League of Legends introduces teleport nerfs to PBE during preseason

Published: 06:36, 09 December 2021
Riot Games
Splash art for Infernal Mordekaiser in League of Legends
League of Legends - Mordekaiser

The age-old question of whether to take teleport toplane for macro gameplay, or ignite for lane dominance will now be even harder to answer with some soft teleport nerfs.

One of the recent changes on the Public Beta Environment server that has gone a tad undocumented in Riot's patch notes is the change to the teleport summoner spell.

Now, before 14 minutes are up, you cannot use TP on minions or wards and you do not get a speed boost. It is only after turret platings fall, that you can TP on minions and wards and do get the speed boost, which itself was introduced to the spell relatively a short while ago.

These changes, though, may not be as drastic as we expect them to be, at least for most players which play at lower levels of skill expression. Top lane champions that need some scaling such as tanks and some bruisers are going to have a way easier time since their enemy laner, if it is an early game pick, won't be able to shove the wave, go back freeze lane and have tp available to counter gank or gank bot lane.

Riot Games Picture of a League of Legends champion named Fiora League of Legends: Fiora

In our opinion, it seems more of a pro-focused change but even then it won't change much because the first teleport is usually to get back to lane or have a 4 man dive bot which is used at 5 or 6 min add the 5 min cooldown and it's already 11 min.

However, some argue that this is a buff to players of lower skill, as they will be unable to rage teleport back to lane early, only to die immediately once they do so.

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