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League of Legends: Riot is changing jungle again on patch 13.5

Published: 19:22, 03 March 2023
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Riot is changing jungle again in patch 13.5!
Riot is changing jungle again in patch 13.5!

Patch 13.5, which includes these jungle changes, is set to be released on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, and will become available on live servers at that time.

Riot  has made significant changes to the jungle in the current season. They have introduced new jungle items, which are now called jungle pets,  and added a jungle path recommender to assist newer players. Furthermore, they have implemented updates such as altering how leashing works and removing the ability to heal with smites. One of the most debated changes has been the nerfing  of early jungle invades.

In past League of Legends  seasons, it was common for junglers to invade early on. Most games would involve a level one invade, and if a jungler died during the mid-game, the opposing jungler would often invade and attempt to steal all the camps.

The upcoming changes to the jungle may benefit champions who have a fast clear time and can clear camps more quickly than others. As a result, we may observe an increase in the presence of champions like Hecarim, Kayn, and Diana in our ranked matches after the update. 

Jungle Changes

In the upcoming update, Riot is planning to nerf the Oracle Lens, a popular item among supports and jungle mains. This is because players tend to ignore the stealth ward, which is also included in the item.

Oracle Lens

  • Cooldown: 90-60> 120-60
  • Enemy Jungle Damage Reduction: 20%> [Removed]

Jungler Lane XP for first 14m

  • 75% > 40-75% based on game time (linear scaling from 0:00)

Gold per camp

  • Gromp: 70 > 80
  • Blue: 80 > 90
  • Murkwolf: 50 > 55
  • Minimurky: 13> 15
  • Razorbeak: 30 > 35
  • Minirazor: 7 > 8
  • Red: 80 > 90
  • Medium Krug: 5 > 10
  • Little Krug: 13 > 14

Instead, they use the low cooldown of the sweeper to quickly place their stealth wards in the river or the opponent's camp before immediately recalling. They then purchase an Oracle's Lens upon returning to base, allowing them to continue benefitting from the low cooldown time.

In addition to the Oracle Lens nerf, Riot has increased the amount of gold that can be earned per camp in the upcoming update. As a result, clearing camps has become the most optimal way for junglers to earn more gold. However, Riot has also reduced the early lane XP to prevent early ganks, which could be a significant setback for jungle champions who heavily rely on level 2 or level 3 ganks.


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