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League of Legends: Aurelion Sol, Caitlyn, Gangplank and Twitch set to receive nerfs in patch 13.5

Published: 18:51, 02 March 2023
Riot Games
Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol
Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

The preview for the upcoming League of Legends Patch 13.5 is finally here, and it appears that we can expect numerous alterations.

One of the most significant changes in League of Legends  will be to the jungle. Since the Preseason 2023 changes, the jungle meta has moved towards an early-game snowball strategy, with junglers focusing on clearing three camps and ganking either the bot or top lane. The jungler who can execute successful ganks will typically snowball and emerge victorious.

In the upcoming patch, Yuumi is finally receiving a much-awaited rework aimed at improving her accessibility for new players and reducing the difficulties associated with playing as or against her. The rework has been designed to prevent Yuumi from becoming overpowered like the previous version. 

Additionally, Riot  is introducing a mini-rework for Azir  to address the disparity between his performance in professional play versus Solo Queue. The changes aim to balance Azir's power level in both settings by redistributing some of his power from professional play to Solo Queue.

Aurelion Sol

Despite undergoing multiple nerfs, Aurelion Sol, also known as the Space Dragon, continues to dominate in the game, resulting in a ban rate of 62%, making him the most banned champion. As a result, Riot is implementing further nerfs on him in the upcoming 13.5 patch. 


Caitlyn, a popular Marksman in the game, boasts an overwhelming laning phase, great range, and impressive scaling, making her a force to be reckoned with. Her exceptional performance in Professional play has also raised concerns. As a result, she is slated to receive nerfs in the upcoming 13.5 patch. 

Riot Games Heartache Vi and Heartthrob Caitlyn Heartache Vi and Heartthrob Caitlyn


Currently, Gangplank stands out as one of the most formidable Top Laners in the game due to his secure early game, remarkable scaling, and the ability to make a comeback with Q poke and First Strike, even after being shut down early on. Moreover, his performance has been further bolstered by the recent Critical Strike changes, resulting in significant buffs. 


In the recent patches, Twitch, particularly AP Support Twitch, has been wreaking havoc in the solo queue. Once he reaches level 3, he roams around the map, ganks other lanes, and essentially functions as a second Jungler. This can be challenging since facing one Jungler is difficult enough, let alone having to contend with a second one. 

E – Contaminate

  • AP Ratio: 35% > 30%


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