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League of Legends - Patch 12.17 Buffs Ezreal for Worlds Again

Published: 00:24, 08 September 2022
Updated: 00:29, 08 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Ezreal - Pulsefire Ezreal skin splashart
It seems like Ezreal is viable in any meta

The shifting ADC is an unreliable pick at best in SoloQ, when you play with him that is. in pro play, he is one of the most played ADCs ever. And there is a reason for that.

It comes off as no surprise that Riot Games play favorites when it comes to League of Legends champions. Some just get buffed more than others and are pushed to the forefront. One example is Ezreal.

He is a staple pick of all professional ADC players. Too bad one of them, Danny, won't be able to use these buffs this weekend during the LCS finals.

Nevertheless, Ezreal is one of the League of Legends champions with the most skins in the game, and a poster boy for League of Legends itself. So, Riot Games will not allow him not to be played during World Championship 2022, with patch 12.17 buffs:

  • E - Arcane Shift Cooldown: 28/25/22/19/16 seconds ⇒ 26/23/20/17/14 seconds

Riot Games Promotional art for Ezreal's upcoming rework in League of Legends League of Legends - Gotta sell the skins somehow

This will make Ezrel harder to gank than he currently is, and make him harder to pin down in late-game team fighting. For professional players, this is an opportunity they cannot miss, and is worth far more than for those in SoloQ.

"Ezreal's lost his place in pro play and solo queue recently (maybe because of his distaste for maps), so we're shifting him into a stronger place by buffing his E to create more windows for clutch defensive or offensive plays," said RIot as an explanation for his buffs.

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