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League of Legends - Riot Revert Miss Fortune Buffs

Published: 03:40, 07 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Miss Fortune, Mafia Miss Fortune skin splash
There will be some sweet ADC buffs

On the PBE, we've seen Miss Fortune have her crit build massively buffed, to move her away from the current lethality build. It seems, though, that Riot went overboard.

Currently, in League of Legends, the only viable way to play Miss Fortune is her lethality build. A playstyle that her mains have described as the most boring option on the champion. And Riot Games seem to agree.

However, in their overzealousness, they seem to have gone a bit too far and now need to revert some changes , especially the ones to her ultimate.

Riot Games have described the changes to "make Q max and crit a bit less unfortunate". These changes will reduce the issues crit Miss Fortune had with her mana, while making her E ability, currently her main poke and kill setup, not worth the expense.

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However, the buff to her ultimate seems to have been unneeded, as well as the one to the AP ratios regarding her Q. The cast time seems to have been enough.

Now, her Ap ratios are back to the ones she had before the buffs, and the same can be said of the ultimate - Bullet Time, whose critical damage ratios are reverted back to 20%, from the 30% to which it was buffed.

After all, Miss Fortune's ults were never the issues she had when building critical strike. The issues she had were everything else.

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