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League of Legends new champion Milio - Champion insight

Published: 09:57, 07 March 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Milio
League of Legends Milio

Despite being only 12 years old, Milio has exceptional mastery over the fire axiom, which is a rare feat even for the citizens of Ixtal, let alone someone as young as him.

Milio is constantly searching for methods to assist his team in securing eliminations or escaping challenging circumstances. He boosts the damage dealt by his allies through his passive ability, launches friendly fuemigos at opponents to cause harm, and creates a zone of healing and extended attack range using a campfire.

League of Legends Milio possesses a shield that can be used twice, which not only protects allies but also enhances their movement speed. Riot made his ultimate ability in the way so it unleashes a wave of cleansing flames, which eliminates crowd control effects and restores the health of all nearby allies.

While Milio's range extension buffs may appear intimidating, they can be countered effectively by using hook champions like Thresh or Pyke against aggressive lanes such as Milio and Cait or Kog'Maw. Similarly, targeting Milio in the back of a teamfight, much like taking down a pesky Soraka, can eliminate the enemy's sustainability and improve the chances of winning the battle. 

Champion development

One of the primary objectives during Milio's development was to introduce a male enchanter that would offer Latino representation in League of Legends. However, striking a balance between creating an authentic and relatable representation for players while also infusing unique and fantastical elements into Runeterra was crucial in champion development and worldbuilding.

To ensure the authenticity of Milio's character, Riot Unidos, the Employee Resource Group for Latin-American Rioters, was involved from the early stages of playtesting and provided feedback on every aspect of his development, from his name to dance selection and voiceover lines. On the art side, Sojyoo worked closely with Riot Unidos to receive feedback on each new iteration of Milio's concept art. She would share the new piece and gather feedback and personal experiences to guide everything, from his nose shape to the color of his clothing and even the texture of his curly hair.

Riot Games Milio ability development Milio ability development

The art team devoted a considerable amount of time to make Milio distinct from other fire-based champions in League of Legends. Given Milio's supportive and healing abilities, they aimed to ensure that his spells had a warm and cozy appearance rather than an aggressive and harsh one. His fuemigos were designed as round, bouncy creatures with a soft glow, and his visual effects were created to resemble gentle, warming flames rather than fierce, explosive bursts of energy.

Since Milio is one of the few child champions in the game, developing his art presented some unique challenges. Despite our general understanding of what a 12-year-old looks like, there are various subtleties that must be taken into account to depict age accurately.


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