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League of Legends - Maokai Mini Rework List of All Changes

Published: 02:19, 25 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Maokai is returing to top lane once again
League of Legends - Maokai is returing to top lane once again

Without announcing it to the player base, Riot Games have released a mini rework of Maokai on the PBE, slated for patch 12.17. The old oak had it a long time coming.

Maokai is one of the oldest League of Legends champions Riot Games created, and one whose age could really be felt recently, with the champion being relegated to the support role, building Imperial Mandate and filling the bushes with saplings.

Now, Riot Games have given him a mini rework, changing most of his kit, with the goal to improve the feel of some of his spells, and get him back into top and jungle without eliminating his support playstyle.

These changes, as they are only present on the Public Beta Environment servers, are still prone to change depending on player feedback:

  • Passive
    • attacks from large and epic monsters hitting Maokai now reduce the heal cooldown by 1s
  • Q - Bramble Smash
    • base damage: 70-230 --> 65-245
    • now deals an extra 2%-3% max health damage
    • now deals 20-80 bonus damage to monsters
  • E - Sapling Toss
    • Removed max health damage
    • Base damage - default: 20-120 --> 45-185 and brush: 40-240 --> 75-315
    • Lowered mana cost
    • Slow 35% --> 45% brush: 55%
  • R - Nature's Grasp
    • Increased Missile speed and acceleration
    • Decaying Movement speed on champion hit

Riot Games Picture of Teemo in League of Legends League of Legends - Maokai will no longer be a discount level 6 Teemo

It would appear that frontline Maokai is back on the menu, with his kit geared towards taking and dishing out damage, as well as running and locking down escaping enemies.

Perhaps even the support meta for Maokai will change from his current sapling toss-focused one, to a tank one. Though that is unlikely, as his tank build is geared towards taking on top lane champions, and not bot lane ones.

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