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League of Legends - New Darkin Champion Could Actually be Norra

Published: 01:57, 25 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - After the assassin, all that remains is a Darkin support for a full Darkin team comp
League of Legends - After the assassin, all that remains is a Darkin support for a full Darkin team comp

Norra is a recently teased Yordle, being released in the card game Legends of Runterra, and is confirmed to be Yuumi's master. But is that all she is?

Ever since Riot Games added Yuumi to League of Legends , players have wondered, who is the master she is looking for, and where has said master run off to?

Legends of Runeterra, a Riot Games card game based on League of Legends characters and events, has now given us an answer . Or, at least, has provided us with a name of Norra, an elderly Yordle who tinkers with magic, it would appear.

However, there is a theory that Norra is actually the new Darkin assassin champion coming to League of Legends, that has surfaced on RedditThere are some hints that point to this being true, though how much of a stretch they are remains to be seen.

In the Preseason SpotlightRiot Reav3 uses the word 'Hounds', and as can be seen in LoR, Norra is a Yordle who has dog-like attributes, as well as saying 'throw me a bone', and is 'barking'.

In addition, Reav3 says 'trust yuu-me', as a reference to Yuumi, which would obviously point to Norra, at a place in his preseason presentation where the expression is out of place unless it is intentional.

Riot Games League of Legends - Norra please take Yuumi away League of Legends - Norra please take Yuumi away, or have the Darkin in you erase her from existence

Furthermore, Riot Games have promised us an actually monstrous champion this year, and they consider Bel'Veth not to be one. And K'Sante, and the Ixtal enchanter have no way of turning out to be that either.

Darkin on the other hand, corrupt the people wielding their weapons, but still, as can be seen in the case of all three Darkin in the game currently, they remain humanoid.

Yordles, on the other hand, are rare beings that are purely magical in nature, with a physical body for a Darkin to corrupt. So, the combination of the two may turn out to be the monster we were promised.

The theory does hold some merit. However, in agreement with the rest of the player base, if a Darkin assassin turns out to be an old Yordle grandma, our disappointment would be immeasurable and our day would be ruined.

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