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League of Legends - Lil Nas X Calls Out Star Walkin Haters

Published: 03:28, 25 September 2022
Updated: 03:29, 25 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - We called Lil Nas X doing the anthem
League of Legends - We called Lil Nas X doing the anthem

It seems that Lil Nas X has expected the League of Legends community to fall in love with his song at release. And is surprised that the, admittedly toxic, community is not accepting it as adequate of a Worlds anthem.

Not too long ago images spread like wildfire of well-known rapper and musician Lil Nas X at Riot Game s HQ. He posted multiple photos of himself and while he didn't outright say he was at Riot Games, from the background any League of Legends fan could tell that this was Riot HQ.

And, from the first impressions, fans had of Lil Nas X's collaboration with Riot, from the teaser, the expectations were high. However, it all came crashing down  when the song was released.

Fans have criticized both the song and the animation that goes along with it. And while the animation is a fault on Riot's part, the fans have stated that Star Walkin itself is a good song but not a Worlds anthem.

The main issues seem to be that the song doesn't hype the audience compared to the previous Worlds anthems, and that it seems like a Lil Nas X song first, and a Worlds song second.

Riot Games League of Legends - A mecha fight would go better with Rise, than Star Walkin League of Legends - Star Walkin is the first Worlds Anthem where the singer is shown alongside players

Since then, with the rise of memes following a tweet from LS, about the song being better when listened to at 1.25 the speed, and then devolving into listening to it at 2 times the speed so goes by quicker, Lil Nas X has taken to calling out the criticism of his song, on both Tik Tok and Twitter:

"if you don’t like star walkin try listening to it at 1.25x speed, with an octave up, and drums filtered, on an nintendo 3ds, at 3am, while your parents are arguing in the background because things just keep getting worse and you say it’s not your fault but you know it is and you".

The Lil Nas X fans have taken to defending him on social media, and calling out the League of Legends community as either racist, unknowegable when it comes to music, or mere losers who play games, depending on their point of view, not taking into consideration the fact that LoL players actually, in general, like the song but not as an anthem.

It seems that the world is not yet ready to accept the gaming communities as Arcane results would have us believe, and there is still a significant rift in understanding between gamers and other social media netizens.

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