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League of Legends - Riot Are Experimenting on MMR Changes

Published: 06:39, 10 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Kassadin
Kassadin is the champion with the biggest AFK rate in LoL

How many League Points are you getting with each ranked win, and how many are you losing with each loss? All of that is governed by MMR, and it may change soon.

MMR or MatchMaking Rating is a number used by League of Legends to represent a player's skill level. It's a system Riot Games took over from chess of all things, and adapted it to the League of Legends ranked.

Riot Games have announced the changes to MMR are coming during the Preseason 2023 , and now we are finally seeing some first moves taken towards that promise.

Riot Auberan has recently tweeted that they are about to trial a form of manual moderation in high MMR in NA to tackle some of those issues, if it goes well it would ideally be extensible worldwide. They, apparently, want to weed out folks sharing accounts and griefing games.

Riot Games K'Sante changes are live on PBE! Playing against K'Sante is free LP these days

He claims that the new direct report path for LPP has been live for 1 month, and 70% of reports have resulted in action, and offers a reminder to use this if you're seeing bad behavior in your games.

Furthermore, he assures players that streamers cannot get them in trouble unless they're already doing something that warrants it.

One of the reasons for this, we assume, is the vast inflation of the Master's rank, which has over 10 thousand players on servers such as EUW, where the numbers should really not be that high, and it was done due to abusing the system.

Hopefully, the issues get resolved soon, as the LoL community, especially streaming, has taken a nosedive in the past few months.


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