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League of Legends MMO Will Be New Lore Canon

Published: 02:59, 26 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - High Noon Katarina
League of Legends - High Noon Katarina

The LEague of Legends MMO has an already fleshed-out world for it to inhabit. All it needs is players to expand upon it, and for the stories to remain canon.

The League of Legends MMO has been in production for some time now, with Riot Games stating a while back that the project has hit some bumps in the road, and may be delayed even further.

Some have even gone on to say that it may not even be released at al l, though that seems unlikely, in our opinion.

To corroborate that claim is the fact that all of the lore that will be found in the new League of Legends MMO, will be canon for the entire Runeterra universe.

This means that, whatever happens in the new game, will echo out into the lore of all the League of Legends champions as well. Though we are unsure how many champions we will be able to interact with in the MMO, we hope it's all of them!

riot games League of Legends Shaco splash art Maybe Shaco will finally get some lore

"Think about it this way. If we’re successful and have millions of players playing hundreds of hours with just as much time discussing story and characters with their friends and online, it will become the focus of the lore. MMOs have a way of doing that," said Greg Street, when asked about this very topic

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Unfortunately, the game is still a ways off into the future, with predictions dating to the year 2024 seen as optimistic. In any case, we can expect its release to form an even closer bond between the LoL-derived games.

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