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League of Legends Fizz is Getting a Visual Update

Published: 00:02, 11 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Fizz Fisherman skin splash art
League of Legends - Fisherman Fizz, as his, arguably, best skin, could use more than just a custom R and W

The tidal trickster is one of the oldest LoL champions in the game. And while his abilities hold up even today, his looks do not. So Riot are updating them on the PBE, right now!

Riot Games added Fizz to League of Legends 11 years ago now. And, while most champions this old would have issues of underperforming, the Tidal Trickster does not. in fact, he infuriates opponents to this day, as is his name.

So RIot are giving him a visual rework, much like the one they might give Malphite one day.

The rework is currently live on the Public Beta Environment server, and is still in development and Riot Games are taking feedback from all League of Legends fans, on their official feedback thread for the PBE server.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Fizz splash art Prestige Fuzz Fizz is good enough to only get a W marker update

Fizz's visual update will encompass his base model, as well as all of his skins, though some will get more changes than others. The changes range from those done to abilities, to a complete overhaul:

  • Base model - Complete overhaul
  • Void Fizz - Complete overhaul
  • Cottontail Fizz - Complete overhaul
  • Atlantean Fizz -  Same as base, but with a custom R and W 
  • Tundra Fizz -  Same as base, but with a custom R and W 
  • Fisherman Fizz -  Same as base, but with a custom R and W

The rest of his skins are getting a new, more visible, marker for when his W is getting applied to enemies. Now, if only Riot would do something to his lore.

Afer all, the current lore where he is, perhaps, the oldest yordle in existence and is acting like a cryptid for Bilgewater is getting rather stale. Even Kled, the madman, has more details about his life, and he thinks he owns Noxus!

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