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League of Legends - Udyr changes are coming with patch 13.1

Published: 15:51, 05 December 2022
Riot Games
 Udyr knows that sacrifices must be made to keep peaceful stagnance at bay
Udyr knows that sacrifices must be made to keep peaceful stagnance at bay

Riot Games are working hard on Udyr changes, set to be released with patch 13.1. Riot is looking to nerf Udyr's lethality build, but improve some of his other builds.

Udyr, The Spirit Walker, is one of League of Legends'  most experienced champions. Despite the fact that Udyr was launched in 2009, his kit stayed untouched for nearly a decade, making Udyr's kit highly archaic, especially when compared to contemporary champions. 

As a result, he sorely needed a Visual Gameplay Update, or VGU for short. Riot Games opted to make an Udyr complete VGU upgrade this year to bring him up to speed with the current champions. 

The Udyr makeover was teased earlier this year and was released on live servers with Patch 12.16. In terms of both graphics and playability, it was a huge success.

Unfortunately, it was a nightmare in terms of balance. Udyr was a balancing issue for Riot, owing mostly to his builds. Udyr, unlike other champions, has several builds, and maintaining all of them viable at the same time is a difficult chore.

Although Riot has been attempting to balance Udyr for some time, sometimes nerfing one build and sometimes boosting another, none of them have resolved Udyr's balance difficulties. He either stayed overpowering or became unplayable, and he is still overpowered. So, Riot is attempting to adjust Udyr once more in Patch 13.1.

Riot Games Spirit Guard Udyr Spirit Guard Udyr

In the solo queue, his Lethality build, Prowler's Claw > Ravenous Hydra, currently has a 60% win rate and an 18% ban rate. Furthermore, he has a great 7% pick rate.

The other Udyr variants, particularly the tank and AP ones, are unimpressive and in a serious need of some improvements.


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