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Last Oasis dev says community support was key in bringing game back online

Published: 07:54, 07 April 2020
Donkey Crew
Last Oasis game's setting and a flying contraption
Last Oasis

In a chain of events that you don't hear every day, Donkey Crew, developer of freshly launched RPG Last Oasis, said that it was the community's support that invigorated the team to get up and knock this one out of the park. Which they did.

Just to bring you up to speed, a few hours into its launch, server performance of the nomadic survival MMO nosedived to the point where the dev shut everything own, going into full forensics mode. 

We've seen quite a few troubled launches but having to pull the plug on a game sounds bad for a reason - it is. However, the circumstances were such that Last Oasis had no choice. 

Funnily enough, even Donkey Crew said they too were caught off guard by the community support. Apparently, they didn't expect "a lot of you expressing understanding and support. We can't tell you how much of a morale boost that was for everyone on the team. It helped us to get our shit together: organise properly, analyse logs and code and fully check what went wrong."

There's more than one silver lining here, fortunately, as the team improved the code and plugged a few other weak spots, insisting the problem is fixed. Most Last Oasis' issues stemmed from servers being overloaded with client enquiries, which has been dealt with.

Last Oasis' servers went back up online and have been since, so Donkey Crew's efforts definitely weren't in vain. Considering their community's actually passionate response - you know, passionate in a non-furious way - there are a lot of positives here. 

Donkey Crew Last Oasis game's magical setting Last Oasis, quite the view!

"Keep moving, the world is dying! In this Nomadic Survival MMO, you can build walking mobile bases to travel to new lands. Join up with a clan and fight for territory. Resources deplete fast, so grab your sword and get ready to scavenge, pirate, and trade to stay alive."

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