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Knockout City goes free to play and becomes independent

Published: 15:30, 25 February 2022
Knockout City
Knockout City

EA and Velan Studios announced the plans for the future of Knockout City, which involves the devs but not the publishers.

Knockout City is going free to play with the first season of Year 2, which is obviously aiming to reinforce the player base. That said, the players who purchased the games will not be left without anything to show for the money spent.

When the F2P switch happens , the veterans will receive a Loyalty Bundle that will include legendary cosmetics, XP boosts and 2,000 Holobux, the premium currency. The Holobux part will be awarded only where it's applicable though.

Additionally, Year 2 will also mean Velan Studio will start self-publishing and EA will no longer be involved directly. It remains to be seen how these business decisions will affect the game's future and the player base. There is no doubt an influx of players with the F2P transition will be a welcome sight as the game has not been doing very well with retaining the population so far.

Before Year 2, however, there is Season 5 which will apparently be a celebration of the game's high points as it brings back Superpowers!, Chain Reaction, Basketbrawl and more. 

Apparently, there will be some surprises in the store as well as well as new customisation options, new special event, a new season of League Play and more.

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