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Knights of Honor 2 release date announced with new trailer

Published: 03:22, 16 November 2022
Black Sea Games
Knights of Honor 2 - Sovereign
Knights of Honor 2 - Sovereign

Knights of Honor 2 is coming soon to lay the tracks for the nostalgia train of the mid-2000s gamers.

Knights of Honor used to be the grand strategy that every high school was buzzing about back in the day but it has been almost two decades since the game came out and competitors took the spotlight.

However, THQ Nordic and Black Sea Games are looking to disrupt the dominance of Crusader Kings and other series that are more familiar to the modern gamers with the return of the beloved series.

Knights of Honor 2 - Sovereign is set to release on December 6, 2022.

It was announced recently as a brand new trailer dropped, allowing the players to get another overview in the last three weeks before the launch.

Alternatively, you can check out the features on the store pages for the title, or just read the highlights in this particular article.

KoH 2 is marketed as an accessible grand strategy that will not require 10 hours of just learning before you can play the game properly as religion, city development and everything in between has "better approachability than ever".

The game will feature real-time gameplay across the medieval Europe, doing away with turn-based style that is prevalent in the genre these days. Additionally, battles will be played out through RTS combat.

Players can appoint marshalls, clerics, merchants, diplomats and spies in a bid to dominate the land, all done from the royal court.

If the AI doesn't prove to be enough of a challenge, you can always lean on multiplayer for additional replayability.


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