Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign starting tips - Knights, Gold, Wars and building

Published: 02:50, 06 December 2022
Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign
Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

Knights Of Honor II: Sovereign can be a bit overwhelming at start, especially if you're a newcomer to the grand strategy genre. Here are some tips to help you start.

While you'll get a grasp of everything fairly quickly in Black Sea Games ' new strategy Knights Of Honor II: Sovereign , some starting tips and tricks on how to make your kingdom successful can certainly help. With economy, military, diplomacy and espionage mechanics at your disposal, you're probably wondering which gameplay style is the way to go in Knights Of Honor II: Sovereign.

Below, we'll explain in detail how you should start your grand campaign, where to focus your resources early on and what mistakes to avoid. 

The Royal Court

  • Have at least one marshal early on to defend from potential attacks.
  • You'll want to hire knights and make them governors of your provinces as soon as possible as governed provinces bring in a lot of gold.
  • If you have bad relations with a certain kingdom, send a diplomat to them.
  • Level up your knights' skills. As soon as you have enough books, spend them on a new skill.
  • Sign trade agreements with powerful kingdoms to bring in gold.


Here's a detailed guide on how to make gold fast in Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign.

  • Sign Trade agreements with powerful kingdoms.
  • Make sure your provinces are governed by your knights.
  • High corruption and low crown authority lead to lower gold income. Always check these and look to improve both.

THQ Piling up gold in Knights of Honor 2 is an important path to the ultimate victory Knights of Honor 2


  • Buildings that provide food production, population increase and gold are always a good choice. 
  • Build your Barracks and other army buildings in provinces with buildings that increase the population (Housings). This will help you hire troops much easier. 
  • Look for provinces that have natural goods and features (Salt mines, gold mines) and build buildings to produce those features.
  • You don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of gold on advanced buildings (Universities, Lord's Castles...) early in the game.


  • Enemies are more likely to attack you if you don't have an army so have at least one army early in the game.
  • Ranged units are best for sieges, Infantry is best for open-field battles.
  • Declaring a war should be your last option since you can anger many kingdoms with such an action.
  • Avoid completely destroying a kingdom as this will destroy your relationship with many other kingdoms. Ask the kingdom you're about to destroy to become your vassals, instead.
  • Before declaring a war, check if the kingdom has strong allies or defensive pacts and if you have any diplomats or merchants there that need recalling.
  • If you're struggling with kingdom levies production, hire Merchants for your army. You'll spend more gold to hire them but the upkeep price is the same and they don't have any other requirements for hiring such as food and kingdom levies.


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