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Knights of Honor II: Sovereign officially announced

Published: 17:06, 20 August 2019
Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

THQ Nordic and Black Sea Games have officially announced Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, a sequel to 2004's real-time strategy. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is coming to PC via Steam sometime in 2020 as THQ's first grand strategy title.

Remember Black Sea Games' real-time strategy from 2004 named Knights of Honor? It's a pretty underrated title that offered large scale battles and had some unique management features all wrapped in Medieval Europe setting.

If you are one of those that hoped that one day we'll get a proper sequel to Knights of Honor, well, THQ Nordic just decided to grant your wish - the publisher announced Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, which is a full-fledged sequel to the original.

The new game is being made by the original developer Black Sea Games, who went through several changes since they released the game in 2004. The studio was bought by Crytek in 2008, then Creative Assembly in 2016 before the founder Vesselin Handjiev and other developers decided to form the new Black Sea studio in 2016, which is now working on the sequel.

As for the game and the new features, THQ Nordic want to deliver a fresh take on medieval real-time grand strategy with all the depth players desire. The publisher promise "the gate-way game to the grand strategy genre, presenting the world as a living, breathing miniature, alive and ripe for the taking".

Just like in the original, players will be able to carefully choose their royal court, determine the destiny of the people, raise armies to defend the lands or take the war to the enemy and of course, jump into battle directly in RTS combat.

Furthermore, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign will also feature multiplayer but THQ Nordic did not specify in what form. On the game's Steam page, it's mentioned that you'll be able to play with multiple friends, suggesting at a potential co-op mode as well.

THQ Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

You can take a look at some early screenshots in the gallery below. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is set to release sometime in 2020 for PC via Steam.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a strategy from Black Sea Games

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