Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign tips - How to increase stability?

Published: 16:06, 06 December 2022
Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign - Low stability will result in rebellions
Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign - Low stability will result in rebellions

Low stability in Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign can lead to rebellions which lead to all sorts of issues for your kingdom. Here's how to keep your stability high. 

Black Sea Games' new title Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign is a deep strategy with many gameplay mechanics that can affect various aspects of your kingdom.

One of these is Stability, which can rise or drop based on the various actions you take in the kingdom. Having low stability in your provinces will regularly spawn rebellions, which can be annoying when you're in a war with foreign kingdom. 

Other things that lead to low stability include the death of a king, traditions, opinions from your knights and rebellions. Luckily you can increase stability in a region in various ways. Below, you'll find some tips on how to do that.

How to increase stability in Knights of Honor 2? 

  • Keep the crown authority positive or at least at zero.
  • Try to avoid opinion drops as negative opinions will lead to low stability.
  • Try to keep wars short and effective. Long wars lead to war exhaustion which will reduce stability across your kingdom for a long time.
  • Rapid expansion can lead to kingdom instability. Provinces that follow a different religion/culture or are loyal to other kingdoms will always be unhappy if you take over. Make sure to gain the foreign province's loyalty before you siege the city.
  • Use Clerics' "Commit to Charity" skill to directly increase stability.
  • Make sure to destroy the rebels as soon as the spawn. Leaving rebellions unhandled can lead to them becoming famous rebels that can even hold cities across several kingdoms.
  • Certain Kingdom Traditions can increase stability.

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Naturally, it's always important to keep the population happy which will lead to higher stability. You can do this by constructing buildings that increase Happiness like Inns, Public Baths and Brothels. Or, throw a feast every time a child is born in the royal family. 


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