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Kingshunt gets a gameplay trailer and launch window

Published: 15:26, 17 September 2020
Vaki Games

Vaki Games announced Kingshunt, a Souls-like team combat title that is coming to major platforms in 2021 and offers an interesting spin on the well-oiled formula. Alpha test is coming sooner on PC.

Have you ever seen a MOBA-RTS-Souls-like-Rainbow Six Siege type of game? Neither have we but this is what Kingshunt is apparently striving to become.

Vaki Games announced the title on September 17, 2020, with a gameplay trailer that showed some combat but didn't quite explain the depth the game is aiming for.

It appears that the modestly-sized core team of 10 people are making a 5v5 asymmetric PvP game that has mechanics which clearly resemble the aforementioned genres and games.

For example, the two teams will be classified as attackers and defenders, just like in R6 Siege. The rules of the game may favour the defensive team but the teams will change roles between rounds, just like in Ubisoft's shooter.

However, the various characters will be controlled in a manner similar to Souls-like game and the combat very much resembles the genre. So we've got Souls and Rainbow Six covered, but what about MOBA and RTS?

Well, the players can summon AI minions to help them advance on the defenders' positions but the spawning doesn't seem to be automatic like in MOBAs and will likely cost resources, just like purchasing units in RTS games. Capturing each objective will spawn an AI-controlled Guardian which will attempt to help the defenders, not unlike towers in League of Legends or Dota 2.

Furthermore, the players can upgrade their characters with something called Rune points, so basically like upgrading heroes or champions, with the terminology depending on which MOBA you played.

All of this sounds extremely ambitious and it remains to be seen whether Vaki Games will manage to deliver. We will be able to find out in 2021 when the game launches for PC and consoles.

On the other hand, if you're itching to give the game a go before that, you can sign up for Alpha testing on the official website.

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