Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Best graphics and controller settings for PS5 and Xbox

Published: 09:49, 28 October 2022
Get better in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer with this console settings
Get better in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer with this console settings

Here's how you can make your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer look cleaner and crisper and make it feel better.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is finally out worldwide and if you're getting into some multiplayer matches straight away, you may want to head to the settings first and check some of those sliders and options that control the feel and the look of your game.

We have the list of recommended settings from Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD for consoles including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S so read on below if you want to try out his personal settings to see if those fit your style of play. 

The settings are separated by categories so you can navigate and find the ones you want more easily.

Post Processing Effects

  • World motion blur: OFF
  • Weapon motion blur: OFF
  • Film grain: 0.00
  • Depth of Field: OFF
  • FidelityFXCAS: ON
  • FidelityFXCAS Strenght: 60


  • 120 Hz refresh rate: ON
  • Field of view: 107 (but it's really down to personal preference)
  • ADS Field of view: Affected
  • Weapon field of view: Default
  • 3rd person field of view: 90
  • 1st person camera movement: Least 50%
  • 3rd person camera movement: Least 50%
  • 3rd person ADS transition: 3rd person ADS
  • Default spectator camera: Game perspective (personal preferences)
  • Brightness: Default
  • Safe area: As small as possible to have your minimap closer


  • Colour customisation
    • Colour Filter: Filter 2
    • Colour Filter Target: Both
    • World colour intensity: 100
    • Interface colour intensity: 100

Set the other settings in readability as you prefer.

Activision Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will launch with 16 multiplayer maps Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 features a wide variety of options for visuals and controls


  • Aiming
    • Controller Vibration: OFF
    • Trigger Effect: OFF
    • Horizontal stick sensitivity: 6
    • Vertical stick sensitivity: 6
    • ADS sensitivity multiplier: 0.80
  • Aim Assist
    • Target aim assist: ON
    • Aim assist type: Default
    • Aim response curve type: Dynamic
  • Inputs Deadzone
    • Left stick min: 0.02
    • Right stick min: 0.02
    • Left stick max: 0.75
    • Right stick max: 1.00
    • L2 button deadzone: 0.00
    • R2 button deadzone: 0.00
  • Movement behaviours
    • Sprint: Toggle
    • Auto move forward: Off
    • Tactical sprint: Double Tap
    • Grounded mantle: OFF
    • Automatic airborne mantle: OFF
    • Automatic ground mantle: OFF
    • Invert slide and dive: Standard
    • Plunging underwater: Movement
    • Parachute auto-deploy: ON
    • Sprinting door bash: ON
  • Combat Behaviours
    • ADS stick swap: OFF
    • Backpack alternate control: OFF
    • Weapon mount exit delay: medium
    • Depleted ammo weapon switch: ON
    • Quick C4 detonation: OFF
  • Vehicle behaviours
    • Vehicle camera recenter: Short delay
    • Camera initial position: Free look
  • Overlays behaviour
    • Ping wheel delay: Moderate
    • Double tap danger ping delay: Moderate
  • Gameplay
    • ADS behaviour: Hold
    • Automatic sprint: Automatic tactical sprint
    • Equipment behaviour: Hold
    • Weapon mount activation: ADS + Melee
    • Armour plate behaviour: Apply All


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