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Kingshunt open beta announced, sign-ups now live

Published: 15:00, 08 June 2021
Vaki Games

Vaki Games just announced that they are planning to hold an open beta for their upcoming 5v5 PvP game Kingshunt for June 2021. Fans can already sign up for a spot.

Game developer studio from Finland, Vaki Games announced their third-person multiplayer PvP title Kingshunt back in September 2020. The game is now getting an open beta and everyone is invited to join.

Kingshunt's open beta will arrive on Steam on June 22, 2021. 

Kingshunt takes the form of an online third-person multiplayer PvP title based in a fantasy medieval setting. Vaki Games brought together elements of tower defence, brutal melee combat, and real-time strategy, tinkered around for a bit and out the other end came Kingshunt.

Kingshunt will offer its players a choice of six heroes, all with different class affiliations. The folks at Vaki Games have taken care that all playstyles are adequately represented.

Each match in Kingshunt will see two teams of five players with set goals of territorial control. Each zone will be the home of a powerful Guardian that protects the tower, as well as droves of enemy foes. Both teams will have to overpower the AI as well as the opposing team to take control of the tower and with the match.

Kingshunt recently took home two awards at the WN Unreal Dev Contest for its attention to detail and graphics.

A full list of Kingshunt features:

  • Strategic and deliberate combat in asymmetrical 5v5 ‘Guardian Assault’ mode.
  • Study arcane abilities to create devastating magical attacks that wipe out your foes.
  • Choose from a roster of characters who use their unique mastery of skills and abilities to suit multiple playstyles.
  • Unlock game-changing utilities for both sides that allow players to build and destroy their way to victory.

Sign-ups for Kingshunt open beta are now live.

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