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King of Fighters AllStar gets new characters and game modes

Published: 13:26, 29 September 2020
King of Fighters AllStar
King of Fighters AllStar

Netmarble released an update fo The King of Fighters AllStar that includes two new characters and a brand new game mode that should provide a refreshed experience for the players.

King of Fighters AllStar is getting enriched by both a new game mode and new characters. The new roster additions include Shion and B. Jenet who made their appearances in The King of Fighters XI.

Both of them will offer the players additional options when it comes to character choice but will not differ too much in the core elements of the game. The characters will be collectable and after acquiring them, the players will be able to train and fight with them. Furthermore, new battle cards will increase power and active skill damage for both of them.

Besides the new fighters, players will be able to enjoy a new game mode, called Dungeon of Trials. They will fight a boss that can never be defeated, which doesn't sound like a great concept but the goal here is to inflict maximum damage within a certain time frame, using five fighters. Essentially, this is a time trial with damage meter.

On top of the character and game mode additions, there is also the mid-Autumn login streak bonus where players will be able to obtain 300 rubies and rainbow-coloured souls for logging in. A mini-dungeon is also available where players need to time their taps in order to smash rice into rice cakes.

But wait, there is more. Fighter Roulette will offer players a chance to obtain B. Jenet and associated souls along with KOF Gold Souls and more items.

Keep in kind that the Roulette is an RNG-minigame and investing in it can be dubious at best.

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