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King of Fighters Allstar gets Krohnen and new events in lastest update

Published: 16:36, 01 July 2022
KOF XV - Krohnen
KOF XV - Krohnen

Netmarble announced quite a few additions to the mobile version of The King of Fighters as it's getting a new fighter as well as a bunch of events.

Krohnen has arrived to The King of Fighters Allstar, allowing the players to test out a new fighter and get rather tanky with all RNG that comes along with him.

His attributes include an Extreme Fighter's ATK increase of 40 per cent and a crit chance of 12 per cent while the Special Skill has a few traits that include immunity to Petry and Darkness.

Ultimate Moves against Krohnen will heal him for 15 per cent HP but this ability has a 10-second cooldown. He also becomes immune to DMG for three seconds when dropped to 30 per cent HP or below, on a 12-second cooldown. On top of that, there is a 30 per cent chance to become immune to damage for four seconds when attacked, on a 15-second cooldown.

Overall, it looks like the immunity periods will be a veritable minefield for any enemies who like to execute periodic hits while aggressive ones who like to throw a barrage of attacks at the enemy will have to dial it back a bit to avoid blowing their load while he can't be damaged.

Besides the addition of the new fighter, there are a few events that are going on with the latest update:

  • Krohnen Rush Dungeon
  • XV Krohnen Event Tower
  • XV Krohnen Event Codex
  • Additional events, including Relay Roulette

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