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Kine was saved by Epic Games Store exclusivity, developer claims

Published: 12:13, 20 May 2019
Musical instruments from the game Kine

Recent comments by Terraria's developer Re-Logic, where they argued no money would make them sell their souls to Epic Games, have sparked quite the debate, with indie developer Kine stepping in to defend the company for saving theirs.

In Re-Logic's defence, they did clarify later that this was just a clarification on their direction, rather than a moral judgement of indie developers.

Nevertheless, their comment hasn't gone down well with industry critics or indie studios, although some argued that the indie-support argument is actually void, because no such studios have made it to Epic. 

Gwen Frey, the developer of Kine, replied, "Not to pick on this guy, but I've seen this sentiment a lot. I was a struggling solo indie dev making a passion project. I was about to sell out to a publisher so I could hire artists and finish my game properly. But I didn't, because I was saved by an Epic exclusivity deal."

She pointed out that cutting the announcement trailer alone took an incredible amount of time, but that the Epic deal made it possible to hire artists and lighten the workload significantly.

Frey argues that Epic could've played the female-developer card back when she hopped aboard, but they never went there and instead asked her what she wanted to do. They even printed her promo material at GDC, giving away t-shirts and such, and invited her to showcase the game - really an indie dev's wet dream.

There are also the millions of dollars Epic gives out to indie developers, which prompted Frey to say they're "one of the most philanthropic companies in this industry" and that it would be wrong not to defend them after all they've done. 

We must admit that we found Frey's stance pretty admirable, especially considering that some publishers who practically cheated their customers, pulling out from Steam when all preorders have been milked dry, seem perfectly fine with Epic catching all the flak, while they're stuffing their pockets in peace.

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You can find Frey's Twitter thread .

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