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Jack Black joins Borderlands movie cast as Claptrap

Published: 21:37, 11 February 2021
Gearbox Software
Picture of Claptrap from Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 Claptrap

We must admit that the cast for Borderlands movie is getting harder and harder to resist, and not long after Jamie Lee Curtis, we've learned that Jack Black is on board as Claptrap.

As caught by The Hollywood Reporter, Jack Black is the latest name to join the Borderlands cast, which seems to be growing more exquisite by the minute. 

There's certainly no shortage of big names in the movie, and Lee Curtis and Black will be joining comedian Kevin Hart and Cate Blanchett, who have already confirmed their roles. 

Gearbox were pretty good in keeping the deal secret thus far, but even their CEO Randy Pitchford couldn't withhold comments on Black's addition to the movie. "I love this cast! I love this production team! I'm so excited for this show, you guys.  More to come", he tweeted.

Of course, when it comes to Pitchford, Claptrap is somewhat of a problematic character, as he was voiced by David Eddings, the man whose departure from Gearbox shed some light on the more problematic side of Gearbox .

Nevertheless, chasing authenticity in this case doesn't make much sense, as Black's name is likely to attract more people to the theatre, not to mention that most fans probably don't even recall the feud anymore. 

Borderlands the movie has so far cast Hart as Roland, Blanchett as Lilith, Lee Curtis as archaeologist Tannis and Black as Claptrap. 

There's a lot going on in Gearbox these days, as the studio was acquired by Embracer Group, and Pitchford said that the number of ideas they're working on at the moment is pretty big. The only project he officially confirmed was Homeworld 3, but it looks like we can expect a new IP or two from Gearbox soon. 

Thanks,  The Hollywood Reporter .

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