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Hitman 3 trailer shows off Chongqing location and Glacier engine

Published: 15:40, 24 November 2020
IO Interactive
Hitman 3 location Chongqing
Hitman 3, Chongqing

IO Interactive have rolled out a fresh trailer showing off one of the locations from Hitman 3 and in their Glacier engine. This time around, it's Chongqing, a city in southwest China.

We're talking about a sprawling megacity with more residents than you can shake your Fiber Wire at, so Agent 47 will have plenty of crowds to lose himself in. 

Chongqing certainly looks like the most appropriate location to show off IO Interactive's in-house Glacier engine, what with the nighttime atmosphere, the host of neon lights, puddles and rain, etc. 

The dev reminded that Hitman 3 comes with updated lighting and reflections, and you can check out the results around 0:30. While the series has never shied away from impressive visuals, we can't help but agree with IO Interactive in that it has never looked better. 

Hitman 3's development team ensured that water effects, raindrops hitting Agent 47's shiny bald head and even his clothes getting wet are all up to par. Speaking of fluids, Interactive animations have been tightened up for even more fluid gameplay. 

"On next-gen consoles and your PCs, Hitman will look the part, supporting 4K, 60 frames per second and HDR. And all these improvements in animation, rendering, AI and so forth, will all be part of Hitman 1 and 2 through Hitman 3, enhancing the full trilogy", IO Interactive said. 

IO Interactive becoming an independent studio means that Hitman 3 is self-published now, and the studio took out all the stops in trying to deliver the best instalment yet. They've already said that the final piece of the Hitman trilogy is much darker and a proper love letter to their beloved fans, and it certainly looks like it. 

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