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Ashes of Creation gets new stress test dates, adds battle royale

Published: 15:30, 28 September 2018
Picture of some caravan in Ashes of Creation
Picture of some caravan in Ashes of Creation
Ashes of Creation

Intrepid Studios held a developer livestream for Ashes of Creation on 27 September 2018 where they announced their future plans for the game, including a battle royale mode, stress test dates and the date when NDA will finally be lifted.

According to the developer livestream, Ashes of Creation received a battle royale mode because it's fun, easy to make and action combat oriented. The bit they showed can be seen in the video above, starting at 2:25 mark, and looks a lot like Realm Royale before Hi-Rez , sans the cartoony graphics.

The way gaming industry has been focused on this particular genre, it makes one wonder if we will have a Royale any time soon. Anyway, Ashes of Creations' battle royale is loosely tacked to the game's lore, to a period of the mass exodus from Verra where players will need to reach a portal before it closes.

Those who participate in the testing can earn Verra-related cosmetics for the final product, which actually may not include battle royale. The mode is currently in Ashes of Creations' build, but the developers it may not be there on release.

Another round of stress testing is planned to start on 28 September, and will last until 30 September 2018 but the players will still be under NDA. Speaking of which, the agreement will be lifted on 05 October 2018 so we can expect a lot of community-created content regarding one of the most anticipated MMOs.

The developers gave more insight into the final product as well. For example, world PvP will be semi-hardcore as those who fall in battle will be partially lootable, so some gold loss might be incurred.

Intrepid Ashes of Creation Ashes of Creation

As far as action combat system goes, no headshots are planned per se, but some abilities will crit depending on where they are aimed. Other abilties will be point and click and they will offer criticals in other ways.


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