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Ashes of Creation has a new environment preview trailer

Published: 08:36, 13 July 2018
Intrepid Studios Inc
Picture of a pretty building in a pretty environment in pretty Ashes of Creation
Ashes of Creation

Intrepid Studios have released another trailer showing Ashes of Creation's environment, which was tweaked even after fans found them to be breathtaking. Meanwhile, the combat system was less so, but they have announced changes there too.

Environment trailer offers a glimpse for players curious about what awaits them in the Alpha One build that is scheduled for Q4 2018. The build has updated lighting and environmental fidelity in preparation for Alpha One. It looks good, but it has always looked good and fans are more interested in combat changes, since they found it to be lacklustre at previous showings.

Intrepid Studios responded to this concern as well, by stating they have been hard at work on Ashes of Creation for the past few months, with main focus on the combat system. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything combat related to show in this trailer but it should be seeing the light of days over the next few weeks.

The number of people working on Ashes of Creation now exceeds 100 which should accelerate the development in order to deploy the first phase of Alpha One as soon as possible. This is further compounded by the fact that Alpha One sales will cease at the end of July 2018, so the build is more likely to come in the early half of Q4 2018, rather than late.

While combat trailers might still pop up within the next two weeks for an early peek into the new system, the developers have announced a livestream during the first week of August where they will show it off in depth.

When these changes finally come to pass, fans who got hyped with the in-engine trailer above might get an experience that resembles the trailer slightly more. Since it's an in-engine cinematic, there is reaching such potential but the new combat system should definitely prove to be less clunky and developers have stated they are aiming to make it more action oriented. 

They have also explained this is still pre-alpha state of the game but they believe in transparent development so they are keeping everyone up to speed.

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