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Ashes of Creation breaks MMO crowdfunding record

Published: 15:33, 02 June 2017
Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation has completed its run on Kickstarter with $3,271,809. That is quite a long way past the initial $750,000 Intrepid Studio needed for the project. This makes the project the most funded MMORPG on the platform to date.

In line with Chris Roberts' motto of "never stop crowdfunding", you can still pledge some money on the game's . Unlike the Star Citizen campaign, this one won't be going on forever.

Intrepid Ashes of Creation Ashes of Creation

The extended funding option is intended to offer an alternative to all interested backers who are out of reach of Kickstarter's payment methods. According to the studio, the bonus fundraising round will last until the end of June, and backers will not be receiving the early bird benefits included in the initial .

Additional stretch goals will be added during this extended funding run.

Ashes of Creation has an estimated delivery date set sometime in December 2018 for the beta version.

Intrepid Ashes of Creation Ashes of Creation

Intrepid Studio boasts quite a list of usually flawed but beloved and long-lived MMO projects like Everquest, Planetside and their sequels, along with the much lamented Star Wars Galaxies. Some of the staff members have contributed to titles like Call of Duty and the relatively recent X-COM reboot as well.

The game's description reads like an MMO enthusiast's wet dream. A persistent world, dependent on trade, player driven politics and economy, no pay-to-win schemes, an emergent narrative; you name it - Ashes of Creation can do it.

Picture of some caravan in Ashes of Creation Ashes of Creation Ashes of Creation

Most of these promises have been made before, in one shape or another, but a lot of backers seem to trust Intrepid Studio to the tune of $3,2 million. There is only one way to find out if the the promises made will indeed be kept, and it involves a lot of patience.



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