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Ashes of Creation Alpha footage shows promising results

Published: 00:23, 10 July 2021
Intrepid Studios
Ashes of Creation logo
Did Ashes of Creation fail before it even started?

With the crash and burn Crowfall has experienced, due to their forced launch and other factors, MMO fans have turned their eyes to Ashes of Creation as their last hope for the foreseeable future.

The game has started as a crowdfunding campaign, but one that completely sidestepped the issue of potential scamming, which is raging in the MMO crowdfunding community, by acquiring the complete funds from the game's founding creator.

The game is promised to be non-pay-to-win, with basic buying options that are purely cosmetic in nature, as well as a non-box, subscription fee business model. Meaning that the creative freedoms of the developers are not constrained by any publishing company looking to make a profit, the gameplay will not devolve into who has more cash to burn to come out on top, and the servers and updates will be regular due to regular cash flow via the subscription model.

While all this sounds good in theory, the strict Non-Disclosure Agreement, the testers were under, made fans doubt the game's development. However, upon it being lifted, results are promising, considering this is just alpha 1, of an expansive game.

The core gameplay mechanics, regarding characters and their interactions with their surroundings, seem to be flowing smoothly, with combat working as promised.

Sieges, as well, show remarkable stability, running with fifty fps, with numbers of players reaching one hundred and thirty.

What is yet unsure, is how the nodes will be implemented.  To reiterate, the node system is the driving force behind Ashes of Creation. No server will have the same story progression, due to player interference and actions affecting the world around them.

Intrepid Studios Trailer screenshot for Ashes of Creation Trailer screenshot for Ashes of Creation

What can be said, though, is that the world itself looks stunning, with beautiful, and sometimes alien, landscapes, and ruins that wear their history on their walls. One thing that can be noticed is the UI is still incomplete, with the artwork in place only covering the most basic options, but it is to be expected, as the game is still heavily in development, and just goes to show that the developers focus on the more important aspects of the game's design.

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