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Imperator: Rome Seems to be Officially Retired

Published: 01:09, 12 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
First picture of Imperator: Rome video game, showing a statue of Ceasar hailing at someone
Imperator: Rome

The game that could have joined all the rest as another example of what grand strategy games are, has now been officially shelved by Paradox Games, with no fanfare.

Imperator: Rome is a grand strategy wargame developed and published by Paradox Interactive , which was released on 25 April 2019. It is a spiritual successor to Europa Universalis: Rome, released by Paradox in 2008.

The game was received in a, relatively, good light by the critics, but had no real success amongst the Paradox player base, as it was dubbed an incomplete game, even for the standards of Paradox, who elevate their games to new heights via expansions and updates, for years after the initial release.

Due to this reputation, the game has never managed to gain traction, even with a good premise of an amazing empire builder, and an interesting time period, and not even a comprehensive update from last year could save the game from its fate.

On a forum thread asking whether there is a chance that Imperator: Rome could once again enter production, as it was put in, what they called at the time, a "temporary shelve", PDX_Pariah responded:

"Official Word: Once a game goes into Legacy, it usually stays there unless a third-party publisher either picks up the rights or there is a huge demand for the game that generates enough attention to get the Devs back into the mix. These are unlikely edge cases, but not impossible "

Paradox Imperator Rome screenshot showing the middle east in ancient times Imperator: Rome

Seeing as the only ones doing any work on the game yet are those developing the Invictus mod, they would have to pull off a miracle for the game to be put back into production due to popular demand.

Especially since all the other games have been receiving large updates recently, and the game that has been awaited for twelve years, Victoria 3, is bound to come out soon as well. It seems this is a true farewell to Imperator: Rome.

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