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Imperator: Invictus mod is the last hope of an abandoned game

Published: 01:02, 01 July 2021
Paradox Interactive
First picture of Imperator: Rome video game, showing a statue of Ceasar hailing at someone
Imperator: Rome

Two things keep a game alive and kicking, developers and the fanbase. But what happens when a game gets abandoned by its developers? Well, fans step up and take matters into their own hand, using modding to keep the game fresh and flourishing.

To quote the mod creator themselves: "This mod is our effort to prevent this great game from going gently into that dark night." What more can a person ask for, after hearing such a statement given with such passion? Complete basic game optimization and upgrade, apparently, with future updates to come.

The mod's name is Invictus, from the Latin root which carries a meaning of undefeated, unyielding. And so, here are some changes made to make Imperator: Rome just that:

- Reworked map setup in Iberia and the Balkans with several new nation tags,

- Dynamic food production and consumption system with varied Seasons and increased importance,

- Historical Galatian invasion decisions and events (mission tree is under development),

- Dynamic tech spread for Tribes,- Buffed early-game tribes for increased survivability and military importance,

- Many new Military traditions and reworked military tradition requirements,

- New heritages spread around the world,- Improved Wonder Building,

- New content for Hibernians.

Imperator: Rome will show its glory through Imperator: Invictus Imperator: Rome will show its glory through Imperator: Invictus Imperator: Rome will show its glory through Imperator: Invictus

The mod is even adding new missions, to various nations and factions of the era, such as:

- 3 new Mission trees for Macedon,

- Generic mission tree for Punic Puppets,

- Generic mission tree for Greek republics around the Black Sea,

- 1 new Mission tree for Carthage,

Developers have promised future updates of the mod, with various importance and size. Their intent is for it to be playable to anyone who is familiar with the vanilla version of the game. Currently, it is not compatible with achievements but is with Ironman mode.

It would appear that the modding community is taking over the usual tasks of the developers, and are doing so quite professionally. In fact, to an untrained eye, it would appear that the game was not abandoned at all.

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