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Imperator Rome gets Magna Graecia and 1.4 update

Published: 14:10, 31 March 2020
Paradox Interactive
Imperator Rome - Magna Graecia
Imperator Rome - Magna Graecia

Imperator Rome players are looking at quite a bit of new content with the combination of Magna Graecia DLC and the 1.4 patch, known as the Archimedes update.

Magna Graecia is the latest DLC in the line of Imperator Rome paid content drops and as the name suggests, the players will get to explore the intricacies of politics and war waging in Greece after the death of Alexander the Great. City-states will attempt to grow into fearsome powers again and it depends on the players how it will all play out.

The focus will be on Greek cities such as Athens, Sparta and Syracuse. There will be several key features that serve as Magna Graecia's selling points:

  • Apotheosis will let a ruler from a prestigious family be declared a deity and be inducted into the State Pantheon. If enough rulers ascend, the player can institute an Imperial Cult religion
  • New missions will be available for Athens, Sparta and Syracuse
  • 12 new deities will be added. They are from the Greek pantheon, tied to the historical holy sites across the nation
  • Hellenistic themed treasures are artefacts that are based on history and legends of the Hellenistic world
  • New music, art and 3D models will be added as part of the DLC

Players who opt to purchase Magna Graecia will need to pay $7.99 / €7.99 / £5.79 to access the content.

On the flip side, there are the players who can just enjoy the regular 1.4 update without paying extra. Archimedes update will bring changes to state deities, holy sites, sacred treasures and a proper overhaul of the loyalty system.

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