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Humble Bundle dabbling in multiplatform publishing

Published: 13:48, 10 February 2017
Updated: 18:40, 05 August 2018
Humble Bundle

Under the label "Presented by Humble Bundle", the company will take on a publishing role covering several platforms. Interested development studios can apply for publishing online through a from provided by the budding publishing house.

Humble Bundle currently has seven games lined up for PC, Mac and Linux, but they hope to release games to multiple platforms in the future. The games signed so far include A Hat In Time, HackyZack, Ikenfell, Keyboard Sports, No Truce with the Furis, Scorn and Staxel.

Humble Bundle's publishing lead John Polson said that the operation will not be a one-size-fits-all type of a thing, but an array of different publishing services between which the developers will be able to pick and choose.

Humble Bundle Humble Bundle

Polson explained: "Since Humble's launch in 2010, we have earned the trust of over 10 million customers across our products."

He added: "In a time when it's harder than ever for games to find their audience, publishing feels like the next logical step in the services that we can offer to our developer partners." With a customer base like that, the indie games published by "Presented by Humble Bundle" stand to reach a larger audience than before.

Developers interested to have their game published by the label can fill out an online form and get their game evaluated by the publishing team at GDC and PAX East.

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