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IO Interactive announces new James Bond game

Published: 15:30, 19 November 2020
IO Interactive
Project 007 - IO Interactive
Project 007 - IO Interactive

Hitman developers, IO Interactive, announced a new project they are working on and it looks like their next protagonist will be James Bond as opposed to Agent 47.

James Bond video games are getting a new entry, possibly worthy of more hype than any in the history of the franchise. The reason for this is that the game is being developed by IOI who have decades of experience working on stealthy agent type of games with Hitman series under their belt.

Therefore, 007's antics will be right up their alley and the fact that they already proved they can pull off exotic locations in fantastic fashion testifies that we are likely in for the best Bond game to date.

Naturally, fans of previous ones will disagree with such a notion, especially the Goldeneye veterans and they would probably be right for the time being as we only have a teaser so far, meaning it's hard to compare one of the most famous games ever with the prospect of what IOI's next title could be.

According to the official website , the game will take place at the very beginning of Bond's career as he is still trying to earn his 00 status. IO are recruiting more talent to make sure the project meets the high expectations that inevitably come with any 007 project.

The developers still have a bit of time before they release Hitman 3, which will likely have post-launch support as well, so keep that in mind when setting expectations for a possible release window. The 007 project could still be years away from release.

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