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Hitman 3's March roadmap bring final Deluxe Escalation and new seasonal event

Published: 05:58, 05 March 2021
IO Interactive
Hitman 3: Berlin Egg Hunt

Instead of resting on their laurels, IO Interactive continued rolling out content for Hitman 3 and the March roadmap has a new seasonal event, final Escalation and more.

The studio clearly had other ideas and boy are we glad they did. Hitman 3has now received the March 2021 roadmap, with more content than to shake your comb at. 

First up is the Seasonal Event: Berlin Egg hunt, a free event that will take players to Club Holle in the titular city. Dress code is mandatory and the dev advises scouting the exterior of the club, since it will be packed at showtime and any bit of knowledge helps. 

Mind you, it's best if you

Hitman 3: Berlin Egg Hunt is playable from March 30 to April 12 and IO Interactive made sure to set the vibe. It's a seasonal take on Berlin, so expect new decorations and graffiti, but the rewards are what really takes the cake here - series of unique objectives, new gameplay items to unlock and use, unique targets and an unlockable suit. 

As for the Escalation, IO wrote, "Deluxe Escalation: Satu Mare Delirium: For owners of the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack, the sixth and final Deluxe Escalation will be arriving soon. This one is inspired by Agent 47’s deep past and the aftermath of the events in Codename 47."

IO's pro tip says "beware of the monkeys", so expect some monkeying around by our distant cousins.

Also coming to Hitman 3 in March is are the Featured Contracts, Easy Allies and Chongqing, Elusive Target, The Stowaway (Isle of Sgail), and The Lesley Celebration Escalation. 

IO Interactive Hitman 3, March 2021 roadmap Hitman 3, March 2021 roadmap

You can find the announcement here.

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