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Xbox might be getting Dragon-themed MMO exclusive

Published: 07:33, 26 July 2021
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Xbox Games Publishing might have struck a deal with independent developers to bring two new Xbox exclusives in the coming years. Apparently, one of the games is Destiny-like from IO Interactive and the other is an MMO from unknown dev.

We've heard about  a partnership between Hitman developer IO Interactive and Microsoft a while back. The rumour has it that IO Interactive are working on a brand new game that would be published by Xbox Games Publishing, meaning that it would be an exclusive for the platform.

We also know that the game would be a third-person Diablo-style multiplayer title, thanks to Jeff Grubb but other than that, the details about the project are pretty scarce. 

Today, Jeff Grubb has once again offered additional details about this and another, unannounced game. In the podcast with YouTuber Destin, Grubb revealed that Xbox Games Publishing have two Dragon-themed projects in the works with independent developers.

One of them is IO Interactive's title, which Grubb now describes as a behind the back Destiny style game while the other one is an MMO and also features dragons.

However, there are no additional details about these games since both are far off and early in development so it might take a while before we hear first official details about these Dragon-themed games.

You can check out Grubb's statement on these titles in the video below from 28:00.

As always with rumours, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt just like any unconfirmed report. 

If the rumours are legit, it's safe to say that Xbox fans have a lot of reasons to get excited, especially those who love Dragons in their games.

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