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Here's everything that will be coming to Sea of Thieves in 2022

Published: 19:29, 27 January 2022
Sea of Thieves - 2022 roadmap
Sea of Thieves - 2022 roadmap

Rare revealed the full 2022 roadmap for their swashbuckling online action-adventure Sea of Thieves. 

2022 will be the biggest year ever for Sea of Thieves in terms of new content according to developer Rare. Today, the team revealed everything that will be coming to the game in 2022, via four Seasons.

So without further ado, let's dive into the Sea of Thieves upcoming content. 

Adventures and Mysteries

These are story-focused events to complement Seasons that will provide regular narrative-driven content along with other gameplay features in Seasonal content drops. 

Adventures are time-limited, releasing on a monthly basis and running for 2-3 weeks, with each one forming a chapter within an overarching narrative. A finale Adventure will cap off each narrative arc. The first Adventure is titled "Shrouded Islands" and will be launching on February 17, 2022.

As for the Mysteries, these will run alongside Adventures and remain part of the world for longer. The community will have to solve clues and riddles both in-game and outside the game to push the story forward. 

The first one will see players attempting to solve a murder.  

Sea Forts 

Kicking off in March, Season Six will be headlined by a new combat and exploration experience: Sea Forts, which will appear around the world. They are packed with patrolling Phantoms which you have to fight while searching for keys to fully explore the Sea Fort. Eventually, you'll take on stronger enemies before claiming the loot.

The Arena is shutting down

Rare have made a decision to shut down the Arena mode within the next few months. The arena is the game's PvP mode that ultimately was not as successful as Rare hoped it would be.

"With the scope of Sea of Thieves growing larger and larger, the huge task of maintaining QA and bug fixes for both Adventure and Arena modes has become something we can no longer justify. We’re proud of what we achieved with Arena, but ultimately it wasn’t as successful as we had hoped," they said in the blog post. 

Rare say they have more surprises stored in the cargo that they will be revealed throughout the year. This is just a glimpse of the new content that Sea of Thieves will be getting in 2022. 

Sea of Thieves cosmetics for the Festival of the Damned event

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