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Hearts of Iron IV introduces changes to Trains

Published: 01:52, 02 September 2021
Paradox Interactive
A German armored locomotive from Hearts of Iron IV
Trains will keep on being the main way of transporting goods in Hearts of Iron IV

As indicated in a previous diary, the logistics network that supplies your troops relies on the large-scale relocation of supplies using trucks and trains. Trains make up the backbone of any logistics network, and Paradox are updating them.

The domestic production of trains is something that is unlocked via the technology tree. Many countries will start with the initial, civilian, train technology readily unlocked, however, there are several more options available to you as time progresses.

Trains will be a researchable technology with several variants. Trains, unlike regular units, are not controllable - their movement and behavior are entirely simulated based on the needs of your logistics flow. This said, there are several important statistical aspects to them.

To begin with, most of your network is likely to be populated by civilian trains. You can construct more of these by co-opting military factories. Further on in your campaign, you can unlock a variant of the civilian train with a significantly reduced construction cost.

To combat the strategic mission mentioned above, there is one, further item in your toolbox for owners of the NSB expansion. Armored trains, while coming with a higher price tag, are much more resistant to destruction from air missions, and can act as an effective deterrent against logistics disruption.

Paradox Interactive Hearts of Iron IV new train types Hearts of Iron IV new train types

Whether it's the German armored locomotive or a starting civilian train, train enthusiasts will definitely have a blast with this part of the game getting developers' focus. Of course, trains will be subjected to enemy attacks that will be even more varied now, with the introduction of a Logistics Strike, which targets trains and trucks while not damaging the infrastructure, there has to be something to conquer, after all.

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