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Niantic announce Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game

Published: 20:27, 11 March 2019
Promotional image for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic have officially announced their Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game as they attempt to mesmerise the fans once again as they did with Pokemon GO. There will be many similarities, but you will not be collecting creatures.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite seems like it will be more of a game about exploration as players will be looking for magic Foundables, which is short for creatures, memories and just about anything else connected to the wizarding world. They will be in charge of returning these items as they found their way to the muggle world for some reason beforehand.

Technically it is the same as finding new Pokemon, but it so far it sounds like you will not be keeping any of these items so the progression will be a bit different. Players will be working through Confoundable magic which was apparently instigated by something called The Calamity in their quest to triumph over it.

In order to battle this magic, players will need to cast magic of their own, which will drain their Spell Energy. This resource can be replenished in Inns scattered across the world. Niantic whether these Inns will be located next to or inside the actual real-life cafes and restaurants.

The connections they did reveal to real-life locations is that players will need to find ingredients for their potions. These ingredients' availability will be dictated by the local flora as well as weather conditions.

While the ingredient bit sounds great, Traces that will lead players to Foundables can sound a bit concerning at times as Niantic stated they can be found in parks, banks, municipal buildings, libraries, college campuses and various landmarks.

Niantic Picture of a Trace warning in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It remains to be seen whether a large concentration of Traces will cause fans to storm municipal buildings, banks or libraries in search of these devices that will further their quest, but if they do, Niantic could have some major issues on their hands. No one would appreciate some Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts enthusiasts barging in and disrupting a library's serene environment, right?

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