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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite getting its first fan festival soon

Published: 19:53, 28 June 2019
Warner Bros
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite key art
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic and Warner Bros. have launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite only recently but already they're planning for fan events. Dubbed the Unite Fan Festival, the event will take place in Indianapolis, USA, starting on 31 August 2019.

"Ready your wands and mark your calendars! Join your fellow witches and wizards in Indianapolis, Indiana this upcoming Labor Day weekend (August 31 - September 1) for the first major Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival", Niantic wrote.

At the moment, it's not yet clear what Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's fan festival will entail, but it's safe to assume it will be similar to what Niantic have with Pokemon GO, even if the comparisons don't seem to do Harry any justice at the moment.

Namely, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite took to earn $300,000 and rack up 400,000 installs on iOS and Android, which is nothing to be smirked at, but pales in comparison to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO took the same time to reach 7.5 million installs and as much as $2 million in player spending, and that's just the U.S. alone, whereas Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's launch covered the UK as well. 

Sensor Tower reports that Harry Potter: Wizard Unite sits atop of Apple's U.S. App Store's free apps chart, and it only took 15 hours to get there.

According to their data, "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently ranked No. 102 overall for U.S. iPhone spending and No. 48 for U.K. revenue".

Nevertheless, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is still off to a good start and the Indianapolis event is likely to bring more people onboard. You could say that the game adds some sheen as well as some welcome complexity to the Pokemon GO formula.

Warner Bros Harry Potter: Wizards Unite poster showing Harry and a ghost Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

After some testing Down Under and in New Zealand, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched in the UK and US on 20 June 2019, with most of the rest of the world following by 22 June.

The game is available on iOS and Android via the App Store and Play Store.

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