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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite earns $300K in the first 24 hours

Published: 08:03, 24 June 2019
Warner Bros
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite poster showing Harry and a ghost
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Compared to their heavyweight earner Pokemon GO, Niantic's new augmented reality game Hary Potter: Wizards Unite has a ton of technical improvements. In terms of revenue, however, $300,000 in 24 hours is great but not exactly Poke-great.

That's not to diminish Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's success - 400,000 iOS and Android installs and gross player spending of $300,000 on the first day are nothing to be smirked at.

Sensor Tower reports that Harry Potter: Wizard Unite sit atop of Apple's U.S. App Store's free aps chart, and it only took 15 hours to get there.

"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently ranked No. 102 overall for U.S. iPhone spending and No. 48 for U.K. revenue", they wrote.

Of course, Pokemon GO is Harry's main competitor in this space and ignoring the obvious convenience of both being Niantic's titles, let's compare the two real quick.

Pokemon GO launched back on 06 July 2016, but it's worth noting that its launch was reserved for the U.S. and Australia. The rest of the world had to wait another week, except for Japan who had to wait until December of the same year. 

Nevertheless, that didn't stop Pokemon GO from storming to around 7.5 million installs and as much $2 million in player spending in the first 24 hours, which as we just said is courtesy of the Home of the Brave.

That said, there are plenty of points where Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is actually superior to its in-house competitor, and while the general scaffolding is about the same, Niantic's new AR game sports an added level of modern sheen and steps away from the Catch 'Em All mantra.

The dev wanted Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to build on the Pokemon GO experience and so it did, but instead of catching monsters, you'll be fighting and trying to contain them.

Niantic Promotional image for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Niantic Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

You could say that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Pokemon GO 2.0 in a sense, and we've no doubt that Niantic will be hoping for revenue streams that fit that paradigm too. Here's to that.

You can find Sensor Tower's report .


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