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Harmless Demons release window set for October 2020

Published: 09:19, 24 August 2020
Picture from Harmless Demons
Harmless Demons

Solo indie development venture, Harmless Demons, is in its last stages before getting officially released as the game is already up on and is soon coming to Steam.

Antoine Dalmais, going by Roy Percepied on the official Twitter, has been developing Harmless Demons alone for over two years at this point. The game is a bit of an exploration puzzle, except the exploration part doesn't pertain to the usual wading through mysterious forests, caves, tombs and the like.

Instead, the players are given a mysterious creature that resembles a demon and they are supposed to discover its particulars through experiments. Messing with the creature's genome can yield both positive and negative results, as you can see in the gameplay video below. 

In other words, the creature can evolve by sprouting wings, growing horns and more or suffer and die, depending on how you treat it. Besides being a puzzle where players explore the creature's genetics, Dalmais also described as a version of once world-popular Tamagotchi, with some sadistic elements involved.

Those interested can already try Harmless Demons on where it has been released in an almost finished state. The price of admission is $2.99 which isn't much but keep in mind that some things might be missing, such as SFX but the developer plans to add them before October 2020 when the game will also release on Steam.

Even though it looks like something that would fit the mobile platforms well, current plans involve only PC releases.

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