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Harmless Demons is an upcoming dark twist on Tamagotchi

Published: 17:11, 03 February 2020
Picture from Harmless Demons
Harmless Demons

Tamagotchi is a thing of '90s and by now many have forgotten the craze it incited upon release. The fad remained dormant until late 2010s when Percepied decided to develop a game with similar mechanics and a dark twist, called Harmless Demons.

People who grew up in the '90s already know what Tamagotchi was all about. You hatch an egg and then you try to care for your digital pet as best as you can. It can die from not being fed, be unhappy when not being taken care of and more.

Games like that have not exactly been prevalent in 2000s or even 2010s so it is quite possible that if an indie developer released a game with similar mechanics, a significant audience could be gathered. Enter Harmless Demons, a game where the player needs to either take care of their creature or take a different turn.

The goal that the players get with each new creature is to find out how they function, what they do, what their nature is like and so on. Whether the players choose to love and be gentle with it or torture and kill it during the process is up to them.

While the Tamagotchi's appeal was in taking care of a virtual pet, the developer of Harmless Demons took inspiration from a bug observation box, which is where the more wicked twist to the game comes from. 

According to the , Percepied's goal is to "capture that sensation of curiosity, excitement and perversion" that experimenting with the insects gave him during the childhood days.

Percepied Harmless Demons While various options to torture and kill the creatures in Harmless Demons are available, you can also choose to love them

Harmless Demons is set to release at some point in 2020 but a playable demo will be available before the planned release. It doesn't have a set date either but it should arrive within the next few months.

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