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Daybreak announce release date for H1Z1 on PlayStation 4

Published: 08:20, 27 July 2018
Daybreak Games
Picture of a dude in a gimp suit aiming a sniper rifle in H1Z1

Daybreak Games had their break with the decision to go to PlayStation 4 with their H1Z1 battle royale. The game has seen much success in open beta, so it's time for the game to go full fledged on 07 August 2018 with new rewards and content.

It seems like H1Z1 will have a huge day one patch, as it will bring a pile of changes and new features, most notably a battle pass. This battle pass will be slightly different from the ones we came to know in Fortnite and everything else that tried to copy Fortnite, as it will have three lines of rewards across 30 tiers or levels.

The first line will be for the free users, as per usual, and it will be almost barren of any rewards, nothing new there. Premium line will get unlocked when players purchase the battle pass, standing at $5.49 / ~£4.19, and it is the richest of the tree lines. The last line is reserved for those who are subscribed to PS Plus, and will feature slightly more rewards than the free one. Of course, rewards from all three lines can be earned at the same time, provided you meet the requirements.

Two weapons are also making their way into H1Z1 - RPG and SOCOM. The first one is self explanatory, you point the tube, click and things go boom, while the latter one is M14 SOCOM designated marksman rifle. The official post describes it as a rifle standing between the Scout and M40, since M40 will now be a one shot one kill provided you score a headshot, regardless of whether the target has a helmet.

ARV is a new vehicle that will be rolling out together with H1Z1 and is quite unique. Its looks resemble a Humvee, it has thick armour and an entire squad of five can fit into it. On top of that feature, it has a roof hatch where one of the squaddies can pop out and shoot enemies while on the move. It doesn't come with a built in with .50 calibre machine gun though.

Daybreak Game Company Screenshot from H1Z1 showing the Armoured Recon Vehicle. H1Z1 Auto Royale

Two new packs of cosmetics are also in, one resembling Bruce Lee's iconic yellow tracksuit and the other one looks heavily armoured, much like Helghast from Killzone series. You can preview the cosmetics along with the first screenshots of the battle pass on the .

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