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Daybreak Games change H1Z1's name to Z1: Battle Royale on PC soon

Published: 09:52, 22 September 2018
DayBreak Games
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Daybreak Games have released patch notes for H1Z1 where they mentioned that the PC version of the game will soon be known as Z1: Battle Royale. There is also a new road map that is rather confusing but still dedicated to the new brand.

According to the patch notes, there will now be level based matchmaking which should reduce queue times which were induced by somewhat numbers in H1Z1. The game's success on PlayStation 4 seems to have renewed Daybreak Games' interest in supporting the battle royale on PC, as the Z1 name change is an attempt at revitalizing the title on PC.

Not to digress any further, matches will now commence with fewer than 100 players after 135 seconds. Therefore, those who have queued will have to wait just over two minutes as opposed to the previous eight minute mark. 

These changes are followed by removal of spawn selection in solos, duos and fives but it will remain as an option in hosted games. Moreover, the spawn locations have been altered "to ensure decent loot" in the early phase of a match. Oh and all matches count as ranked now.

Global warming seems to have affected H1Z1 as well, considering that the developers have changed the way the weather will behave. Default time of the day will be 2 PM and it will be sunny 90 per cent of the time, five per cent of the time it will be gloomy. Sundown will be happening in only four per cent of the cases while nighttime will happen only once in a hundred games, theoretically.

Now, the developers seem to be keen on keeping things transparent so they have released a road map for Z1: Battle Royale. The road map itself may be transparent to a trained eye but a newcomer to the website will definitely get lost as clusters of information seem to be scattered all over the place.

Daybreak Game Company Screenshot from H1Z1 showing the Armoured Recon Vehicle. H1Z1 Auto Royale

You can check the yourself or if you want to read more about the latest patch, including the weapon balance changes, you can visit the on Steam Community Hub.

H1Z1: Battle Royale, DayBreak Games' take on the genre

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