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Z1 Battle Royale aims to reclaim the top spot with Season 3

Published: 19:05, 06 March 2019
Daybreak Game Company
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Z1 Battle Royale

NantG have released full patch notes for the new Z1 Battle Royale update that introduces Season 3 which brings reworks to combat, movement and new missions and challenges. The devs describe Season 3 as a return of the battle royale king.

Z1 Battle Royale or formerly known as H1Z1 just received one of the biggest updates in a long time, and it's safe to say that the new developers are looking for a fresh start with the rebranding, new content and rework of many gameplay mechanics.

The update aims to bring back the old H1Z1 experience that many players enjoyed in the King of the Kill era at the end of 2016 and in early 2017. To achieve this, the developers are introducing Season 3 update which is the first new season since November 2018.

Some of the biggest changes include reworks of the game's combat, movement and animations. The developers state that in the previous updates, the game lost its "arcade-like" feel due to changes to everything from movement speed to the animations system. 

To recapture the old arcade feel, changes have been made to running, crouching, jumping, weapons and ADS animations.

As for the gun mechanics, the goal was the same, to reintroduce the old PS3 feel. To achieve this, many guns received tweaks which restored the recoil and bullet speed to the PS3 version. 

Season 3 also brings a ton of new features including missions, daily challenges, fragments and numerous cosmetic items. Missions are designed as optional tasks that players can complete during the match. Completing these missions will reward players with credits, fragments or crates, depending on the mission difficulty.

Fragments can be found in defeated players' loot bags and they come in the red and blue version. Blue ones drop off every eliminated player while Reds are much scarcer. Collecting these fragments will net you credits or Conquest Crates.

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Dailies also received a minor modification and a ton of new challenges that are also optional and will reward players with credits once completed.

The update also brings The Showdown competitive mode and various bug fixes, you can check the for a detailed description on those.

H1Z1: Battle Royale, DayBreak Games' take on the genre

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