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Z1 Battle Royale returning to its original creator Daybreak Games

Published: 07:18, 09 April 2019
Daybreak Game Company
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Z1 Battle Royale

Just a few weeks after they rebranded H1Z1 to Z1 Battle Royale, and refreshed it with a major update, NantG Mobile are giving up on the game and returning it to its original developer Daybreak Games. NantG will now focus on mobile titles.

It looks like there is no steady road for once beloved free to play battle royale H1Z1, now called Z1 Battle Royale. After many ups and downs in the development that kept the game way behind its competitors - PUBG and Fortnite, the publisher Daybreak Games and the devs NantG Mobile decided to rebrand and refresh the game earlier this year.

It was supposed to be a new beginning for the former battle royale king, but unfortunately, another bizarre twist has put another dark cloud over Z1 Battle Royale future.

The developer NantG Mobile have officially announced that they are giving up on the game and returning it to original developer Daybreak Games. In an announcement on Steam, NantG said that countless changes have been made in the last month, to bring the game back to its glory days, but they've realised that the road is still "paved with many challenges" that preclude the company from long-term success.

NantG also said that the confusion caused by having both them and Daybreak Games managing the same title under two separate brands definitely didn't help.

You may ask what could this mean for the future of Z1 Battle Royale, well, according to NantG, Daybreak will keep the servers up and continue live maintenance of the game. Players should not see any issues affecting their Z1BR experience during the transition process.

NantG will now focus on their core mission of developing mobile games moving forward and have refocused their team toward this vision.

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H1Z1 was originally released on Steam Early Access in 2015 and then split into the multiplayer survival named H1Z1: Just Survive and a battle royale H1Z1: King of the Kill in 2016. The following year, Just Survive was cut from the H1Z1 and ultimately closed in 2018. King of the Kill became simply H1Z1 and was rebranded to Z1 Battle Royale earlier this year.

H1Z1: Battle Royale, DayBreak Games' take on the genre

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